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In Loving Memory Of Haley Rose Dyal

This site is dedicated to the life of a very special 15 year old girl who was diagnosed on Nov 13th 08 with stage 4 lung cancer. She lived 2 years and 2 weeks after her diagnoses. 2 days before she died, as the Doctor were trying to present to her how positive they were in this new drug and that it was very successful at penetrating the blood brain barrier, They encountered just one problem, Haley had long stopped listening to Doctors. She was a bit busy blowing kisses at Sylvester and Tweedy bird. In fact she had me go bring them in to hang with her for a bit and make fun of her father. The Doctor just closed the book and said maybe another time. Haley smiled and blew her a kiss. She fought hard and would have continually strived to put up the fight. But she knew the time had come and she was so ready for that as the comforter the Holy Spirit made his presence know to her.  Hope you enjoy all the memories. It’s all I have to hang on to until we meet again. If you are not 100% sure you will see her again please visit her services on this site in honor of her life.