Gods Service Dog Named Rose
Inspiring True Story of a Dog 0n a Mission
 By: Shirley Dyal

Around the first part of July this year (2011) there was a lot of buzz in our neighborhood about a large black dog wearing a red collar roaming around this area. Everyone here loves animals and was desperately trying to find its owner.


 I had received a call from our neighbor Joanne, that week. Joanne is a very kind and caring person and has always helped out with any animal that needed help. She was very alert to where each one belonged and would see that they were all safe and not abused. She wanted me to watch out for this dog and I was happy to do so.


 It had been well over a week since Joanne called on a really nice day when I decided to take a break from my daily chores. So, I took my newspaper and a cup of coffee outside and settled back into the deck swing. (my favorite place)


There wasn’t a lot of news that day so I put the paper down, took a sip of coffee and glanced down toward the road and admired how the sun was shining through the large oaks and cedars creating an array of shadows and sparkling light all across the drive.


Suddenly something captured my attention on the road. It was a dog I hadn’t seen before. When it got to our driveway it turned and continued walking up to the house. 


 I have to admit, by this time, I had forgotten about Joanne’s request. My first thought at the sight of the dog was how kind and gentle the dog appeared to be.  He was taking his time and didn’t seem to be lost or bothered by anything.


I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I’ve had a lot of strays wander in here but for some reason this one was different. As it got closer to me, I stepped off the deck to greet her. By then I could see it was a female. She was black with tan points. She looked to be a Rottweiler/Pitbull mix. She had the kindest look in her eyes.


 It finally dawned on me what Joanne had said about the large dog wearing a red collar. This one fit the description to a tee. I put the dog inside a large fenced area where I had rescued several other stray animals before, including a lost horse. I would take care of them until I could find their owners.


 I got her food and water and she seemed to be grateful. I then called Joanne to come and see if this was the dog they were looking for. She said it definitely was the same dog.


The dog was wearing an up to date tag so we knew someone loved her and would want her back. The tag had the vets’ information on it so we called but couldn’t get an answer, because they weren’t open on weekends.


Joanne decided to take the dog to animal control so they could find her owner. I was happy about that because I knew she was going home to someone who loved her. At the same time, I did feel kind of sad as they drove away.


The next morning when I went outside, I noticed the dog had returned. She seemed to be waiting for me. She was a good dog but she had a master that loved her, so I decided to call animal control myself to get the owner’s name and number. I knew it had to be someone in our neighborhood or she wouldn’t have come back here.


 The owner was one of our neighbors that I hadn’t had the opportunity to meet yet. I gave him a call and he asked me if I’d first try to send her home.


 So I went outside and told her sternly to go home. She left and then I noticed that she had crossed the driveway and it was possible that she was still behind a group of trees on that side.


I talked to the owner again and explained to him that I wasn’t sure if she had left or not, so he waited a while before coming down to get her and sure enough, she walked out of the woods from where I thought she was hiding. She had spotted his red truck and came out right away to greet him.


 This became a daily thing with me trying to send her home and she would run off and hide until either she felt it was okay to come back or her owner would arrive to take her home.


 Each morning as I walked out to start my morning chores, she would be sitting at the door waiting for me. I finally had to give up trying to send her home. I’d just call her owner and tell him that she was back.


While she was here, she would follow my husband Gene around faithfully. He was in the late stages of Alzheimer’s and seemed to have a need to work continuously. He would stack brush, pick up sticks and leaves and he would do this type of work all day.


 At this point, this was the only work he could remember how to do. He had worked his whole life at a job, as well as doing all the outside work needed at home. He continues to do so now; it’s like he can’t stop working.


 This straying dog seemed to be watching over Gene. While he was stacking brush, she would lay down behind him. When he would move on to another spot, she would move up with him, then she would lay back down but always staying close to him and watching. I was always afraid Gene would get lost if he ever walked out of here.


  It was really hot one day and I was having a hard time finding him. I had been searching for quite a while and having no luck. I was on the verge of panic, thinking I might need to call for help.


Then I thought if he’s not in the wooded area, maybe I should check around the open areas and finally I saw him walking down the gravel road that runs along side our place. I was afraid for him being off the property like that. I kept watching him and was wondering if I should go get him, but I noticed the dog was walking with him. I stopped and waited for them and as they approached our drive, the dog stopped, turned and looked back as if to see if Gene was following her, then they continued on up to the house.


The neighbors said they too were frightened when they had seen Gene on the road but when they saw the dog; they knew he’d be okay.


 This sweet dog stayed with Gene all the time he was outside working. It would take many requests to finally get Gene to come inside for lunch.


 Sometimes after he had finished eating, he would lie down on the floor to rest and the dog would lie down as close as she could get beside him and she’d stay with him until he got up.


When Gene sat in his recliner to watch his favorite TV program, she would always sit beside him. It was as if she wanted to be his constant companion.

 The owner of the dog noticed that his dog seemed to feel a need to stay with Gene. He told me that some animals could sense when people have a handicap and a need to be watched over. He decided he wanted me to keep the dog for him.


I was shocked that he would, or could, give her up like that. The dog seemed to be very well trained and mannerly. I ask him how much training she had before. He replied, “none.” He said he had got her as a puppy from the shelter and all he did was love her, give her food and water and take her to the vet regularly but there had been no training.


I thought about it for a while and agreed to keep her and asked, “by the way what is her name?” He said; “her name is Rose.” Such a pretty name for a dog that appears to be smiling all the time.


 Later that day, I was thinking about how Rose came to us and all that she was doing to keep Gene safe when a memory came flooding back to my mind of what happened a couple weeks before Rose had arrived.


I was having a terrible time staying up with Gene while he was working here on our 20 acres, which is loaded with large oak trees and underbrush. I’d have to search for him to make sure he was okay; all the time realizing he could be on the other side of the property. I was so afraid he’d get lost or hurt and need help.


 One evening while I had a little time to just sit for a while and gather my thoughts, I was thinking about what to do so I could keep Gene safe outside. The thought came to mind that I might need to find a large dog to stay with him. I needed a dog that would watch over him and take me to him if he got in trouble.


 Then my question was; what type dog should this be? Not a puppy, I couldn’t raise it and train it in time to help Gene. If I got a large dog from the shelter, I’d still have to train it. I could even see in my mind what the dog would look like if I could find the right one.


Finally, I came to the conclusion that there was no way I would be able to fine a dog with the right training, in time.


 I had to give up on that idea, except I began to think there was one other way...maybe God could just send a stray our way that would love Gene.


 I had said a little prayer for the help we needed, but then for some reason, I turned to our precious granddaughters’ picture and I spoke out loud, “You couldn’t do something about that, could you, Haley Rose?” You see we had lost our beloved granddaughter to cancer Dec. 4, 2010 at the age of 17.


 Haley Rose was a very special little girl. She knew how serious her disease was.

But even through all the painful treatments she had to endure, she was always a very happy person. She inspired everyone around her, including her doctors.


 Haley told us that she didn’t want anyone crying over her when she went to be with Jesus as it was going to be such a joyous time.


 She is now in Heaven with our Lord and has no more pain or sickness. Her body is whole once again. Haley never lost her faith in God. She was dearly loved by everyone who knew her.


 I have no idea why I asked her to help us, not even thinking that God was still listening.  It was just about two weeks later that this precious dog, Rose, showed up at our door.  Perfect in every way. She was such a calm and sweet natured Dog. She was the dog I was just dreaming we could have in every way.


Coincidence? Not a chance. When I found out her name was Rose, It was like a wink from God. . I believe she was named this because God wanted me to know that He heard me and sent her here to help me with Gene’s care. She was the perfect help I needed.


 If you believe in Gods great wisdom like I do, you’ll understand what I’m saying.

I believe God was preparing help for Gene when our neighbor picked the puppy up at the shelter and he named her Rose.


 God had answered my prayer long before I had the thought in mind or even a need to ask for it. I am so humbled that God did this in such detail for Gene and I.


 Thank You Lord for sending this amazing animal to watch over our precious loved one. And for a kind and generous neighbor who would give up his best friend to help someone else in need.

We’ll forever love this large black dog with a red collar. We believe with all our heart that Rose is a wonderful gift from God and that she was assigned an important mission in this life that she fulfilled completely and just in time.

Shirley Dyal



Mom herself was attacked by this devastating disease called Alzheimer’s . Hers progressed suddenly and much faster than dads. Rose watched over her as well.  One day just before mom had to go in a home because she broke her hip…Rose went and laid down one last time on the Livingroom floor like she always did and woke up in heaven. She was such a good girl.

Psa 36:6
  Thy righteousness is like the great mountains; thy judgments are a great deep: O LORD, thou preservest man and beast. 

Luk 3:6  And all flesh shall see the salvation of God. 

Psa 150:6
  Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD.